Once you have laid your eyes on the affordable finesse of laminate flooring, it will be hard to opt for any other material. Crafted from pressed particle board wood, laminate flooring bears the resemblance of wood and stone. It is an easy-to-install option as well.


As we mentioned earlier, laminate flooring is designed from compressed wood. The thin sheets are safeguarded with a clear plastic that is thin, yet durable.

A sturdy subfloor is necessary for the installation of laminate flooring. In the absence of a robust subfloor, plywood is installed above the pre-existing surface. In both cases, foam underlayment divides the subfloor or plywood and laminate flooring to provide a softer walking surface. The fold and lock method is commonly used to join laminate flooring boards. The sections adhere to each other instead of the subfloor.


The incredibly low maintenance of laminate flooring is its primary advantage. Imagine having floors that required minimum effort and time to be cleaned. House chores are bound to be a breeze with this option.

Laminate flooring is also an economical option. The price of stone, hardwood and engineered wood flooring is mostly high. However, you can cut down your spending significantly by investing in laminate flooring that competes with porcelain, ceramic and vinyl in terms of pricing.

Most excitingly, laminate flooring is an easy DIY project for people who love undertaking home projects.


Laminate flooring consists of three layers that accumulate to maximum protection and durability. The base layer of laminate flooring is half an inch of compressed wood particle, the second layer is an image of wood or stone, which appears exceptionally realistic even when examined from the closest distance. The final layer is a transparent plastic coating that sits on top.

Laminate flooring was innovated in 1977 by Perstorp, a Swedish company. The breakthrough was widely adopted by many companies since it effectively utilized waste wood. Who would have thought that simply submitting wood particles to high compression along with heat and binding chemicals would result in an economical, sturdy and marvelous flooring that can complement all types of interiors? Thank you Peterstorp!


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