Cabinets are one of the essential features of your kitchen. The number of items you need in a functional kitchen can be overwhelming. It is important to keep them organized so you can retrieve just the items you need without toppling the rest over in an effort to hunt them out. Simple organization by grouping items on shelves or in cabinets is important to avoid a mess. Meal planning, cooking and cleaning up is faster and easier when your kitchen is neatly organized. The question is, which storage solution is best for your home?

Traditional cabinets and modern open shelf options, both come with their pros and cons. Check them out to decide which option is best for you.

Open Shelves

Sometimes, closed cabinets can be cumbersome. They are big, bulky, can make your kitchen seem smaller and it’s hard to reach for items that are too far in, or way up beyond your reach. You can’t keep climbing up on the counter to reach for your cups, saucers, plates and pots. 

Open shelving can literally open up your kitchen with its minimalist, streamlined look. They look more modern, warm and relaxed. It’s easy to see what is kept where, so visitors can easily access them when needed without asking you, and feel more at home. It’s easy to just grab a mug and make a cup of coffee when everything is in plain view. 

An open kitchen makes the home look more spacious and lighter. They are more budget-friendly than big, bulky cabinets and everything finds its way back on the designated spot because others know exactly where they are kept. 

If you decide to switch to open shelves, all it takes is a day to install and makes an impressive statement if done well.

Closed Cabinetry

There are a few drawbacks to open shelves that closed cabinetry takes care of. Open shelves gather dust easily. Storage is limited and if the items are not neatly organized, they can make your kitchen look cluttered. 

Closed cabinets offer a lot more storage. For larger families that demands extensive daily cooking, custom-cabinets are more functional. If they are designed with the right configuration, cabinets can look great and provide all the storage you need. It’s easy to tuck away large pots and pans, lesser used glassware and heavily used items that you are not ready to dispose of yet, without worrying about dust gathering on the shelves. 

Although traditional, dark wood cabinets make your kitchen seem smaller, modern cabinets in a wide range of shades and styles can make your kitchen look airy, modern and lighter on the eyes. The cost of cabinets can be a big expense, especially if you decide to customize the sizes, features or materials. This is where trusted, reliable cabinet professionals can make a difference.

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