Your floor covers the largest portion of your room area. It sets the tone, colour scheme and mood of your home. The material and colour of your floor is the deciding factor for the furniture you choose, the decor you use to complement the furniture, carpet, area rugs and the rest of your home. The choice of floor colour can create an ambience of comfort and warmth in your home or a cool, elegant look. Choose it with care. Here’s how you can go about it.

Room Size

The size of your room has a big part to play-in the floor colour you choose. If it’s large and spacious, you may want-to consider warm tones such as walnut or deeper shades. If the area is more
compact, use natural, lighter shades such as beige, light grey or oak. Warm tones make the floor seem cozier. Lighter hues expand the area visually. For smaller rooms, use the same colour
throughout the room to make space look bigger. Uniform colours flood the area with light while colour variants can make the space look cozier and more compact.

Match with the Wall

The combination of colours on your wall and floor can impact the look of your home. For limited space, lighter colours such as white, cream, soft beige and light grey give a feel of sunny optimism
and serenity. Warm brown tones give a rustic feel. Rich shades such as mahogany, chocolate and black reflect luxury and class. Check with professionals such as Fairmont Flooring for the right

Reflect on Lighting

The amount of natural sunlight flooding your interiors can change the look of your flooring several times a day. Check out options under different lighting effects. The look and utility of your living room varies greatly with your bedroom and kitchen. You don’t need to have a uniform look throughout if you have different levels in your home or even the same floor for that matter. Your kitchen can have lighter tiles that are easy to maintain while your bedroom and living room can have a warmer hardwood look. Each bathroom can have a different flooring if they are on different levels or can be uniform in an open floor plan. Each room in your home comes with its own lighting. Choose floor colours that are well complemented in that light.

Look at-the Bigger Picture

The biggest mistake is to choose the floor colour based on an empty room. Think of the furniture you have or the style you have in mind to consider the floor colour options. If you have warm toned furniture back in the warehouse or contemplating those colours to do up your home, choose floor colours accordingly. Similarily, for dark coloured furniture, your may want to look at a lighter canvas for your floor for an appealing contrast. Red tones appear luxurious while brown tints complement country-style decor.

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