If you are looking to have a room carpeted, then you know that it is a significant financial investment. Carpet can be expensive, even if you are getting it at a discount or on sale, and so you want to take time to make the right decision so that you will keep loving the carpet you installed in your home for years to come. At Fairmont Flooring, we have a wide variety of carpets and carpet tiles to suit any needs. Here is an overview of carpet fibres and signs of quality to help you choose the best carpet for you.

Carpet Fibres


Nylon is a very durable fibre that is resilient and easy to maintain. It is the choice you should go with if you want your carpet to last at least a decade, if you are putting it into a high-traffic area, or if you have kids and pets.


This is a stain-resistant carpet that is great in low traffic areas such as a formal dining room or bedroom. It is trickier to clean than other fabrics because it does shed, and is not as durable as nylon. If the main concern, though, is stain resistant and having a carpet that is luxurious underfoot and soft to the touch then this is the carpet for you.


This is a newer type of carpet fibre and is derived partially from corn sugar and is quite eco-friendly. It is resilient but is too new of a fibre to know if it has the same longevity as nylon, however it does look hopeful even though it is untested. It is quite stain-resistant, and because it is stain-resistant and reasonably durable, it is a great option for those who have kids and pets.


This fibre is stain, mildew, and static resistant. Often made into a looped Berber, it conceals dirt well and is strong and resists fading. This carpet is perfect for higher traffic areas that need to stay looking clean even if they aren’t. Perfect for family rooms and playrooms.

Carpet Types


Also referred to as plush or velvet, this is a good carpet for low-traffic areas. It does show vacuum marks and footprints easily, and only lasts five years, so consider this before purchasing.


Textured carpets use multiple colours of yarn and vary the tuft height of the fibres to help reduce dirt and hide marks from footprints and vacuums. It is excellent for families and those with pets, as well as high-traffic areas.


This carpet is quite elegant and is popular thanks to its appearance. The smaller the loops, the easier it is to maintain, as large looped Berber carpets mat down and become challenging to clean. If you have little kids, who may pick at the loops or pets whose claws can get stuck in them, then it might not be a good option as you can get runs which are difficult to repair.


Sculptured carpets have designs in them thanks to the varying height of the fibres. It can be simple, such as a cross hatch, or intricate flower patterns. These types of carpets are surprisingly great at hiding dirt and are quite durable so that the design shows through.

Carpets and More at Fairmont Flooring

At Fairmont Flooring we have a wide variety of carpets for you to choose between including standard and tiled options. We also offer vinyl flooring, and even countertops, including granite countertops. Come in to see our wide variety of possibilities today!