Granite is a great choice for homes. It is available in a wide variety of shapes, and can be cut into any dimension of your choice. Modern fabrication techniques and a wide variety of colours help you create attractive surfaces for more purposes than you imagined before. 

Born from dense volcanic rock mined from the quarries of age-old mountains, this natural stone is solid, strong and impact resistant. Unlike tiles, single slabs of granite are impervious to damage. They are non-porous, durable and add resale value to your home for years. Use of granite need not be limited to the kitchen alone. They make the perfect choice for bathrooms and other areas, upscaling your home with their distinctive look. Learn how you can do so:

Granite Counters in Bathrooms

Granite counters lend class and elegance to your bathroom counters. They can withstand humidity, heat and water, all three of which can ruin several other materials. Granite is heavy, even while using a single slab. Transportation is expensive and so is installation. Make sure that the floor and structure to hold the granite slab is strong to have the installation sit well without causing damage. Granite needs to be sealed properly to prevent moisture from seeping in. Regular sealant is a requirement to mitigate risks from moisture. Make sure you hire a skilled professional for granite installation, wherever you plan to use it. 

Laundry Room Reno with Granite

Ever considered a laundry room renovation with granite? The laundry room is often overlooked but it is important to keep it neat, organized and functional. Try using it for your countertop or backsplash. It will expand the smallest laundry room, giving you more space to work on. Use granite counters over front load washers for a convenient surface, or on top of cabinets to give you a surface to stack or fold clothes. If your laundry room is a heavy-traffic area or part of your kitchen, a granite counter will add beauty and elegance, instead of making it look cluttered. 

Office Desk or Study

A granite counter transforms a home office or study area in an impressive way. You can create an island for the children to create their artworks on or install a surface over cabinets to place your desktop and stationary. Add a few chairs and cabinets, and there! You have an affordable, stylish space to work on that will last you decades without damage.

Fairmont Flooring, Whitby & Oshawa

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