In order to keep your luxury vinyl flooring shiny and clean, you will have to follow a few cleaning techniques so that your floors remain glossy and beautiful. 

It’s important that you clean your flooring regularly so that dust particles do not build up. Unfortunately, dust particles will stick to vinyl flooring, so you need to sweep it with a broom almost daily to get them removed. Using a vacuum may be tempting but you must stick to using a broom because a vacuum can scratch luxury vinyl flooring and that is the last thing you want. If you don’t feel that sweeping is doing the job and want your floors to be even cleaner, you can mop the floor. If you do decide to clean this way, you must use the appropriate products and cleaners along with lukewarm water so that you don’t damage the vinyl flooring. 

Stains will inevitably occur and the chances are you will have to deal with one at some point or another. Greasy stains, in particular, require special attention so they can be successfully removed from your luxury vinyl flooring without any damage to its surface. Regular detergent should never be applied as it will result in sticky floors that will attract more dust, so make sure you select the right products and apply the proper amount so that you get rid of stubborn stains while maintaining the beauty of your vinyl floors. 

If you notice a spill, it’s important that you act quickly so that you can remove it easily. Wiping a spill immediately after it occurs will ensure that the stain does not become a permanent one. Once you are done cleaning the spill, be sure to rinse the area and dry it using a clean cloth. If you notice any signs of damage to the polish once the spill has been wiped, use a floor polish that has been recommended by the manufacturer to help with this issue. 

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