To get the best look out of your granite or quartz countertops, it’s important to spend as much time determining how the edges of the countertops will look as picking the slab itself. If you’re unsure of which edge will suit your kitchen style, then this guide is for you!


This is the best option for clean-lined kitchen designs, no matter the thickness of the slab. It’s the best choice if you have other dramatic elements in your kitchen. A straight-edge will help blend the room together without taking away from the kitchen’s design. Don’t worry about sharp edges, as both the top and bottom can be rounded off slightly or completely, depending on the look you’re going for.

Eased Edge

This is a straight-edged countertop that’s rounded off for a softer profile that’s neither too sharp nor too round. The slightly rounded edge will help prevent the corners from breaking off or for chipping. If you’re looking for countertops that appear thick, eased edges are your best option, while also being easy to clean.

Bevelled Edges

One of the most popular countertop edging choices, bevelled edges are perfect for contemporary kitchens. It has a flat corner, usually cut on a 45-degree angle, but the angle and width of the cut can be customized to fit your needs. But why have one bevelled edge when you can have two? Double bevelled edge granite or quartz countertops add a bigger overall impact to your space. As the name suggests, this edging option allows for cuts on the top and bottom edge of the slab at whatever angle you want.

Pencil Edge

Also known as a quarter round edge, pencil edges are great for sleek looking kitchens. The top edge of the granite or quartz countertops will have a small radius the diameter of a pencil. If you want a thinner look to your counters, then go for a double quarter round edge. Both the top and bottom sides of the stone’s edges will be rounded, providing a subtle and soft look that’s great for small spaces.

Waterfall Edge

A unique edging option that’s perfect for modern kitchens, as there’s no starting or stopping point to this edging choice. There’s no edge at all! The stone countertops flow over the edge and down the entire length of the cabinets until it hits the floor. Waterfall edges will create an astonishing focal point to your kitchen. This is the safest edging option, especially if you have younger children as you won’t have to worry about sharp corners that can cause serious injuries.

Half and Full Bullnose

Both options are popular choices for countertop edges, as their curves soften a kitchen’s aesthetic. Half bullnose edges have a rounded top edge while the bottom is left flat. A full bullnose edge is rounded completely, from top to bottom. Both options emphasize the stones veining, are easy to clean and safe for children.

Ogee Edge

If you’re looking for a more decorative appearance for your kitchen, then ogee edges will be your best option, especially if you have a more traditional aesthetic. These edges have a concave ‘S’ curve on the top and a rounded edge on the bottom. The curve can be deepened or left shallow, the choice is yours. While beautiful, ogee edges can make a countertop look quite heavy, meaning they aren’t the best decision for smaller spaces.

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