A new year means new ideas and designs, especially when it comes to kitchens and cabinet colours. 2020 has released a gorgeous array of new colours that will improve and elevate any kitchen. You no longer have to choose cabinet colours that are typical, standard and often boring because these new cabinet colours are modern, fresh and perfect for any new kitchen. 

Here are the new kitchen cabinet colours of 2020, all of which are trendy and stunning!

  1. Sea glass. This is the perfect colour if you want to bring elements of the beach to the interior of your home. This colour is perfect if you want a kitchen that is relaxing because it creates a beautiful space that will feel like a little getaway every time you enter the room. You can even apply this colour to your kitchen island because it serves as a great accent colour too.
  2. Cadet blue. If you really want a new look, this is the perfect shade because it combines grey and blue together to create a neutral look that is both fresh and aesthetically pleasing. It is a muted choice, which makes it ideal for those looking to change things up without having to select a cabinet colour that is too bold or overwhelming.
  3. Fade grey. Greys and whites are classic options that are timeless and this option is perfect for anyone looking for a monochromatic design palette. Your kitchen will be sophisticated and beautiful and this particular shade of grey will guarantee that your cabinet colour will always remain in style. 
  4. Folkestone. If you want to make a big change and are looking for a statement, this is the colour for you. It’s both bold and daring and will definitely create a stir. As this is a darker tone, it is recommended that you pair your cabinets with lighter countertops for a stunning contrast that will ensure your kitchen is both warm and inviting.
  5. Luxe black. If you are a fan of darker tones, this is the perfect matte black that will transform your kitchen into a space that is incredibly stylish. Black cabinets are modern and very trendy and will create an atmosphere that both family and friends will enjoy. This is ideal for those looking for a sophisticated and sleek design that this beautiful matte black shade can easily provide.

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These are just a few of the beautiful new colours you will see in 2020 and Fairmont Flooring in Oshawa can show you even more options to help you select the perfect kitchen cabinets that are right for your home. Whether you want something modern or cabinets that are more traditional they offer it all, so contact them today!