You never want to go through a massive renovation and by the end of it feel drained and dissatisfied with the final product. You could end up spending too much money on a fancy chandelier and not enough on other aspects like quality cabinets and durable countertops. At Fairmont flooring, we specialize in making sure you love every part of your kitchen, from top to bottom. Here are just a few ways you can save yourself the heartache of hating your new brand new kitchen.

Choose Durable Materials

While some materials will make for a beautiful countertop or floor choice, make sure you choose something that isn’t easily damaged. Limestone or marble countertops won’t look pretty with a giant crack running through it, or water stains you can’t scrub away. Choose materials that are long-lasting, or inexpensive to replace when the time comes, like quartz or real granite.

Keep the Cabinets

While you may not want a set of cabinets obstructing the view of your backyard or hovering over an open-concept island, you do want cabinets in your kitchen. Keep in mind that cabinets are meant for storage, and without them, your plates, pots and pans will sit scattered across your beautiful new countertops. That’s not what you envisioned for that kitchen renovation. Don’t give up cabinet space without a thought, unless you already have more than you could possibly use.

Don’t Skimp on the Appliances

Kitchen renovations can be expensive, however, one place you shouldn’t tighten your budget too much is in regards to the appliances. What use is saving money on an oven when it breaks a month or two later. Then you end up spending even more than you would have to buy another oven when you could have bought a good quality one in the first place for a little extra money. Don’t go spending above and beyond for the newest teched out appliances, but since these will be used daily, buy something that will last.

Measure for Appliances

Do not choose your appliances at the last minute. Just don’t. Not when cabinets have been installed and flooring is laid out. Do this, and whatever you end up choosing may not fit in the predetermined space you’ve created. Pick appliances during the designing process and get exactly what you want, no fuss.

Don’t Refuse the Help of a Professional

Asking for help can be difficult, especially if you’re doing this kitchen renovation with your own two hands. However, experts at hardware or specialty stores are experienced in helping you pick out the perfect colour scheme or textures to fine-tune your plans and create your perfect kitchen.

Remember Your Budget

Keeping a budget in mind will keep you from screaming when you see your credit card bill at the end of the renovation. As unexpected costs can arise during any renovation, from structural issues that can cost thousands of dollars to plumbing or electrical issues that came out of nowhere. If this happens, don’t continue on with your budget as though it didn’t. Evaluate what needs to be cut out of the design or find cheaper alternatives for somewhere. It’s important to stick to your original budget, so you don’t find yourself going hungry.

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